MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY, YOU CAN DROP OFF YOUR TRUCK AND PICK IT UP WHEN WE ARE DONE. LINE-X is closely following updates from the CDC and the federal government to ensure we are taking the recommended steps for the health and safety of our employees, Franchisees and our customers. Most importantly, we are in this together and we want you to know that our retail network is implementing safety measures to help mitigate the spread of the infection.

LINE-X is proven worldwide in Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Custom Applications. Here's a short list of the many applications current LINE-X dealers have done:

• Construction; decks, foundations, retaining walls, floors, roofs. 
• Marine applications; boat hulls, boat decks, marine ramps, cargo holds. 
• Farming; silos, feed containers, storage tanks, etc. 
• Trailers; boats, horses, personal watercraft, work trailers, etc. 
• Industrial; secondary containment, water tanks, floors, etc.. 
• General Automotive; Jeep floorboards, Van interiors, wheel well undercoating, motorcycle fenders (underside), body panels as rock guard protection, etc. 
• RV Trailers and Motor homes; RV roofs (insulation & water protection), nose masks on trailers and motor homes, interior floors of  "toy house" type trailers, etc...
• Sound System Applications (speaker boxes, vehicle and truck interiors, sound rooms) 
• Outdoor ponds, dog runs/kennels, etc. 
• Playground equipment

Tri-Valley Line-X is a customer-orientated truck and SUV parts and accessory center serving the California Tri-Valley & San Joaquin Central Valley. Our expertise in the application of advanced protective LINE-X and LINE-X XTRA coatings and spray-on bed liners combines with our unique ability to simultaneously equip your vehicle with custom aftermarket parts and accessories. Because of the growing demand, we have grown to become dealers and authorized installers for a growing array of aftermarket manufacturers.

Line-X is just not for truck beds. Here are some of the most common applications for Line X trucks, trailers, autos, Jeeps, cars, sand cars, buggies, UTVs, ATVs, 4X4 trucks, tractors, off-road vehicles, quads, hot rods, heavy equipment, aircraft, military, law enforcement, offices, workshops and industrial complexes. What ever it is, we can Line-X it!! While you're here equipping your vehicle with the protection of LINE-X bed liner, we can quickly set you up with variety of parts and accessories and have it installed and ready for you upon pick up. This convenience and attention to detail in installing your LINEX bed liner and custom parts and accessories is our mark of excellence, touted by our loyal customers here in the Tri-Valley & San Joaquin  Central Valley.