Why We’re Here

Weego is a personification of who we are as a company. Our aims and values center on providing high-quality and affordable power to your entire family. From moms to mechanics, from ATVs to boats, from cell phones to tablets – we have a charge for everyone and everything. Weego where you go, when you need us, wherever you need us. Our lab-tested products are built with quality at the forefront – Weego to great lengths to create a trustworthy brand on which you and your family can rely. We’re constantly working to make sure you have the power you need, all the time –here, there, everywhere.

​It's time to Ditch the Cable™ Mabel! Weego jump starters are powerful and conveniently sized to go with you wherever you go, be it in your car, motorcycle, boat, ATV or Jet Ski. Plus, they can power up your mobile devices and be used as a flashlight!